Aventon is one of the brands that seems to be taking the urban mobility industry by storm, so much so, that it could give bigger brands a run for their money. It’s doing this by enticing future owners with machines that not only go the distance, literally, but with its incredibly attractive, budget-friendly pricing.

Aventon’s newest introduction to the world of electric bicycles takes the form of the Aventure. With a retail price of just under $2,000 USD, the Aventon offers a lot of bang for your buck. For starters, it has a top speed of 28 miles per hour, and comes with a suite of techie features. Indeed, the Aventon Aventure is more than just a budget-friendly e-bike. Let’s take a closer look at some of its defining features.

Aventon’s Aventure E-Bike Delivers Premium Performance On A Budget

At a glance, it’s clear to see that the Aventure’s aluminum frame is designed for comfort and capability, as opposed to sheer sporty performance. This means that you won't be shredding trails and landing sick jumps on it. However, when it comes to getting around town, or even hitting a few light trails and gravel roads, it’s certainly more than capable. Optionally, a step-through frame is available if you want even more comfort and accessibility. Pricing for both the standard and step-through models is the same, too.

As mentioned earlier, the Aventure can hit a top speed of 28 miles per hour— really fast for an e-bike that costs under $2,000. This is achieved by a 750W continuous motor with a peak of 1,130W. The motor is mounted onto the rear hub, keeping the frame nice and sleek, making it possible for onlookers to overlook the fact that you’re riding an e-bike. It’s even equipped with a thumb throttle that boasts a top speed of 20 miles per hour. As for range, with the standard 720 Watt-hour battery, you're looking at around 45 miles, depending on how easy you go on the assist.

The Aventon Aventure gets a hardtail frame, meaning it misses out on rear suspension. It does, however, make up for this by offering a plusher ride thanks to the massive 4-inch cross-section tires. Typically, these tires are harder to get moving with on standard, non-electric bikes. In the Aventure’s case, though, there's a 750W motor there to get you going. Up front, it gets a suspension fork with 80 mm of travel and lockout. The frame is also suitable for an array of additional gear such as cargo racks at the front and rear and fenders, further adding to the bike’s practicality and versatility.

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