In May, the total sales of Ford and Lincoln vehicles in the US decreased by 4.5% year-over-year to 154,461, including 146,868 Fords (down 4.4%). Year-to-date, the company noted a 13.3% decrease to 763,558, including 727,559 Fords (down 13.1%).

The company explains that the results are still affected by the global semiconductor chip shortage. Demand remains high and inventory continues to turn at record rates.

In this background, Ford's all-electric vehicles shine with 6,254 units in May (a new record and an increase of 222% year-over-year). That's about 4.3% of the total Ford volume (a new record).

The company appears to be pretty happy with the results, noting that the growth rate of BEV sales is "almost 4 times faster than the overall U.S. electric vehicle segment in May." Additionally, Ford notes that for the month, it has moved into second place in US BEV sales behind Tesla.

The very positive news is that Ford is increasing sales of the Mach-E, achieving a new monthly record, as well as ramping up the E-Transit vans and F-150 Lightning (first 201 units).

Ford BEV sales in the US:

Those are the results that we like to see.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Mustang Mach-E remains Ford's top all-electric model with 5,179 units delivered last month (up 166% year-over-year). Year-to-date, close to 16,000 units were sold, while cumulatively the number exceeds 42,000.

The gross stock of Mach-E in the US is estimated at about 6,000 (at dealerships and in transport, we assume), compared to about 7,000 in the previous month.

Ford Mustang Mach-E sales in the US - May 2022

Ford Mustang Mach-E production - May 2022

The production volume of the Ford Mustang Mach-E in Mexico amounted to 6,020, which is once again a bit disappointing - down 12% year-over-year.

The numbers exclude China, where the Mach-E is locally produced and sold.

It means that it's too early to expect a consistent growth of Mach-E sales, as the production is still constrained. Year-to-date production of over 29,000 units is barely above the level from 2021 in the same period.

Ford E-Transit

The Ford E-Transit noted 874 units last month (2,449 YTD), which is a new record and 10.5% of the total Transit sales (8,350).

The company has more than 10,000 orders on hand. So as we said before, at the current rate, the entire production for 2022 is sold out.

Other plug-ins

Unfortunately, Ford does not report sales of other plug-in models, like the Ford Escape PHEV. Lincoln's PHEV sales were not revealed either.

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