Fucare, a Chinese e-bike manufacturer, has launched the Gemini X, a robust and wild-looking electric bike that appears to be well-suited to urban and rugged terrains. The Gemini X is a zippy Class 3 electric bike with a trellis-style chassis and smart features. Fucare claims that the e-bike has a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour. Two batteries provide the electric two-wheeler with ample range, making it a suitable commuter and recreational bike.

The Fucare Gemini X electric bike can haul loads of up to 181 kilograms, impressively high for e-bikes of today. A truss bridge and an Erector Set are combined in the frame design. The 48V battery is wrapped around the front of the frame via narrow diameter tubing. A rack designed to carry extra luggage comes standard, and goes a long way in adding some practicality to this eye-catching e-bike.

Fucare’s New Gemini X Is A Rugged, Go-Anywhere E-Bike
The Gemini X is also available in a step-through version.

As far as technology goes, the Gemini X is as tech-loaded as it is eye-catching. Both batteries have a total capacity of 20.8Ah and a range of 55 miles. With pedal assistance, the range can be increased to 80 miles. The Gemini X can achieve a top speed of 28mph with pedal aid thanks to its 750W rear hub motor. When using throttle-only (without pedal assistance), the maximum speed is limited to 20 miles per hour.

The Gemini X also has a Shimano 7-speed transmission, front spring fork suspension, a 5.3-inch color screen, and a USB connector for recharging gadgets. Hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels provide maintenance-free braking performance. The tires have 4-inch fenders to keep the rider clean from splashing road debris. The Fucare Gemini X rolls on 20-inch diameter tires which provide a substantial degree of shock absorption.

The Fucare Gemini X retails for $1,899, for both the standard and step-through versions. The Gemini X Class 3 electric bikes are legal to ride on U.S. streets, making them ideal for in-city commuting, leisure rides, and the odd off-road adventure.

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