Dott, a Dutch micromobility business, has launched its shared e-scooter services in Israel, marking the company's first international deployment. Dott's e-scooters are opening Tel Aviv with the city's allegedly lowest costs, delivering a service that should help people breathe cleaner air, experience less congestion, and get around in a quick, safe, and affordable manner.

For Tel Aviv residents and visitors, a fleet of 1,800 e-scooters will be accessible, allowing users to easily get their hands on Dott's easy-to-ride scooters. Dott is in favor of regulations to guarantee that its scooters are properly integrated, and conform to the highest safety standards. The firm has worked with local authorities in key cities around Europe to adjust its service to satisfy criteria, such as slow and no-go zones, assigned parking places, and assuring availability in regions not well served by public transportation infrastructure.

Dott's e-scooters are designed with safety in mind, and the technology incorporated in the scooters certainly shows it. Dott's scooters roll on large 30-centimeter wheels, and come decked out with head and tail lights and turn indicators. Dott's scooters are also equipped with a triple braking system (one on either wheel, as well as motor-assisted braking), and license plates for easy identification. All of the vehicles are equipped with helmets, which go above and above the legal standards.

To guarantee responsible riding, the software controlling the e-scooters imposes a speed restriction of 25kph, as well as including slow and no-zones and giving e-learning courses accessible via an app. Mechanics ensure that scooters are maintained in order to increase availability and reduce downtime. Lastly, to maintain complete control, all charging takes place on-site.

In Tel Aviv, the price for each minute of riding is set at 1 ILS (about $0.29 USD), with no unlock cost, and value tickets are available by the day for 40 ILS ($11 USD) for ten trips. A monthly package of 120 ILS ($35) for 30 trips is also available to help regular customers save money. Dott will establish agreements with local companies to give tailored deals for their consumers, and new passengers will receive their first ride for free.

Dott Launches E-Scooter Sharing Service In Tel Aviv, Israel

“Our e-scooters offer the most efficient way to travel across Tel Aviv without causing congestion or pollution and at the lowest prices,” City Manager for Tel Aviv at Dott, Ben Gaili said in a report published by IMC Newsdesk. “We are bringing our experience from major European cities to ensure that our service is carefully integrated into the city, offering a reliable service for our riders while respecting other road users and pedestrians,” he concluded.

To guarantee maximum sustainability, the micromobility firm is trying to reuse, upcycle, or recycle 100 percent of old scooters and parts, with the goal of exceeding a five-year vehicle service life. In all of its cities, Dott is aiming towards a 100 percent electric-powered logistics fleet and sustainable energy. Dott works closely with local communities to ensure that the service is accessible, striving for equitable coverage across the areas it serves and cooperating with local organizations to help enhance mobility in cities the organization is present in.

Dott Launches E-Scooter Sharing Service In Tel Aviv, Israel
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