The new vehicle registration data for the first quarter of 2022 indicates that electric cars take the US premium/luxury car segment by the storm.

According to Experian's report (via Automotive News), Tesla is now considered the sole market leader in the premium/luxury segment with 113,882 registrations (up 59% year-over-year).

It means that Tesla alone holds 21.8% of the segment and other brands are also selling more and more all-electric or plug-in hybrids.

An interesting thing is that Tesla has managed to maintain a high growth rate and distanced itself from the previous leader - BMW, which with 80,482 units is now over 33,000 units behind as "the best of the rest."

Almost all brands noted difficulties and supply constraints, which caused a massive decrease in deliveries. One exception is Genesis (part of the Hyundai Motor Group), but it's still a small player.

Registrations* in the US - Q1 2022:

  • Tesla: 113,882 (up 59%) and 21.8% share
  • BMW: 80,482 (down 3%)
  • Lexus: 66,907 (down 17%)
  • Mercedes-Benz: 60,632 (down 21%)
  • Audi: 37,566 (down 37%)
  • Cadillac: 29,840 (down %)
  • Acura: 29,260 (down 26%)
  • Volvo: 23,513 (down 20%)
  • Lincoln: 19,977 (down 29%)
  • Land Rover: 15,581 (down 39%)
  • Porsche: 13,262 (down 24%)
  • Genesis: 12,549 (up 53%)
  • Infiniti: 11,740 (down 43%)
  • Alfa Romeo: 3,542 (down 32%)
  • Jaguar: 2,610 (down 36%)
  • Total: 521,343 (down 12%)
    * registrations data and estimates

For reference, Audi sold 3,252 all-electric cars in Q1. Volvo sold some 6,018 plug-ins (including 1,658 BEVs) in Q1, which is a solid quarter of its total volume. Mercedes-Benz sold 2,091 all-electric EQS during the period, which is slightly more than the Porsche Taycan (1,925). BMW is ramping up deliveries of its all-new EVs so its Q1 result is not yet high - 347 iX and 13 i3 and i8. The list does not include Lucid (360 units) or Rivian (1,227).

Soon, a few other brands will join the party, including Cadillac and Genesis. Brands without battery-electric cars in the lineup will become exceptions.

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