2022 VW ID.4 1st Edition owner Lisa, whom we saw back in July 2021 in an Out of Spec Reviews video talking about her then fresh EV, is back with a long-term review of her electric SUV.

One year and 28,000 miles later, Lisa continues to be very happy with her ID.4, which she drives pretty much everywhere in eastern North Carolina for her sales job—that certainly explains the mileage.

As Kyle Conner points out, the fact that the charging infrastructure is not too developed in that part of the state doesn't bother Lisa one bit, as she mostly charges her ID.4 at home during the night. When she does have to cover longer distances, she charges the battery to 100%, which gives her a range of about 280 miles based on her driving style. For everyday town driving, she charges the ID.4 to 80%.

When she has to use public charging stations, she uses the app to locate them and usually visits Electrify America—she has three years of free charging within the network—and ChargePoint. 

She has had no major issues with the vehicle during the first year of ownership, with her biggest complaint being the fact that Volkswagen does not equip the ID.4 with a spare wheel. That's because she had a flat tire driving over a nail and had to pay about $300 to get a new tire. 

However, Kyle also reminded her of a recent electrical malfunction that was fixed by the dealer with a software upgrade—over-the-air updates are not yet available for the ID.4 in the US. A more minor problem she wasn't aware until Kyle noticed it is the misaligned charge port door.

Lisa also brings up another issue that has nothing to do with the car itself but the fact that the charging infrastructure can't keep up with the increasing popularity of EVs: charging stations are becoming ever busier.

The things she likes about the VW ID.4? First of all, the way it looks, for which she says she gets a lot of compliments, then the way it drives. Lisa says the ID.4 drives very smoothly and she feels very comfortable in it and very safe. Something else she finds very helpful during maneuvers is the rear reversing camera. 

Check out the above video for all of Lisa's impressions after owning and driving the VW ID.4 for an entire year.

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