When it comes to options, Tesla is very limited compared to other automakers. Buyers have little choice when it comes to speccing their vehicles which in turn works in Tesla's favor. They can produce cars quicker and are less affected by supply chain issues. However, Tesla still offers some options beyond exterior paint and alloys. On top of FSD, an important decision many Model 3 and Y buyers have to make is whether to go for the somewhat bland black interior or pay an extra $1,000 and get the all-white option.  

Model 3 owner and YouTuber KilowattAuto has owned his Model 3 for around 2.5 years. He daily drives his 3 and has no complaints about the durability of the seats. Although he has noticed some minor creasing in the driver's seat, it's nothing that you wouldn't experience in any other vehicle. He also found vegan leather seems to hold up better in terms of longevity versus traditional leather.

The white interior seems to hide creases and general wear and tear better than the black interior. However, given it's white it also means dirt will show up easier. KilowattAuto recommends using a microfiber towel and water to wipe down the seats every few weeks. Coffee was spilt once but the hydrophobic seats meant the liquid didn't dry into the seat and hence the coffee was easily absorbed by a paper towel. 

In summary, KilowattAuto highly recommends the white interior. It's easy to clean and the few creases that do appear are barely noticeable. He also noted it makes the interior feel more spacious and elevates the look of the car. Any Tesla's he gets in future will definitely have the white interior over the black. 


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