Gravity is debuting a new fleet of Tesla Model Y yellow taxis in New York City in the latest expansion of its fully electric taxi fleet.

The new Model Y yellow cabs will add to Gravity's existing fleet comprised of Ford Mustang Mach-E crossovers, active since December 2021. Both models are authorized for use as taxis under an EV pilot program adopted by NYC's Taxi and Limousine Commission earlier this year.

The EV fleet and infrastructure startup says its Tesla Model Ys are the first-ever to be commissioned as yellow taxis. Mind you, Revel already operates Model Ys in NYC, but those are livery cabs. While several Tesla Model 3 sedans have recently entered service as NYC yellow taxis, Gravity's Model Y is better suited for the job as it offers more luggage space and room for passengers in the cabin.

New Yorkers can come see the new EV taxi models up close at the New York International Auto Show, where the Model Y yellow cab has made its debut, or hail one on the streets of NYC.

Gallery: Gravity Tesla Model Y NYC Yellow Taxi

"This is another major first for Gravity as we reinvent what it means to ride a taxi in the world's greatest city. The Model Y is the first Tesla that really meets at all our expectations for a quality cab ride. New Yorkers and visitors are going to be able to ride in one of the most advanced vehicles ever made, with Gravity's own customized features that give a first-class experience for a standard cab fare."

Moshe Cohen, founder and CEO of Gravity, Inc

Featuring Gravity's signature Rally Yellow paint, the Tesla Model Y taxi is equipped with a panoramic roof for sightseeing, a custom 22-inch tablet for rear passengers to adjust climate controls, take selfies, listen to music, and watch videos, as well as driver-facing AI tech that identifies and prevents distracted driving while also monitoring the vehicle for safe driving behaviors.

All Gravity taxis are priced at standard NYC yellow taxi rates and therefore offer predictable pricing with no surge or premium rates. Drivers are licensed and approved by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission.

The company currently charges its EV fleet at its charging hubs at Manhattan Plaza on West 42nd Street, but plans to open other sites in the future. This will allow it to rapidly charge vehicles during overnight, off-peak hours. 

The startup, which also builds charging equipment, claims its chargers are designed to exceed the experience of Tesla's superchargers, offering compatibility for a wide range of models to charge in minutes. At NYIAS, Gravity is also showcasing its own prototype charging systems, which carry 360 kW for true fast charging, are sized for any constrained indoor parking space, and can optimize charging within a building's peak energy use.

Gravity Tesla Model Y NYC yellow taxi and new TFC-C1 urban fast-charger at NYIAS
Gravity Tesla Model Y NYC yellow taxi and new TFC-C1 urban fast-charger at NYIAS
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