What's the top speed of a Rivian R1T and Porsche Taycan? Well, it depends on a whole host of variables, but this top speed test really pushes the EVs to their limit for a number of reasons. Out of Spec takes the quad-motor R1T with the large battery pack and Taycan Taycan 4 Cross Turismo to a dry lake bed in the desert. How fast can they go?

The team at Out of Spec always looks right at home covering the Rivian R1T. This is likely because the electric pickup truck is an "Adventure Vehicle," and it's become abundantly clear that Out of Spec is all about adventure. While the Porsche Taycan may bring a different type of adventure to mind, the Cross Turismo model fits right in with the Rivian in this video.

The area where the video is filmed has a lot to offer. Not only are there no typical obstacles, aside from those brought by nature, but there's also plenty of flat ground and steep hills. Whether or not you care about EV racing or top speed, the video is worth a watch simply for its incredible eye candy and calming vibe.

When you watch the video, you'll quickly learn that it's not just about top speed, but rather, all sorts of performance driving. Kyle Conner calls the combination of the R1T and Taycan the "ultimate two-car solution," and the footage begs to prove that, at least if you're into putting cars through the paces. You'll see straight-line acceleration, drifts, slides, donuts, some heavy-duty climbs, and much more.

All of that said, you did come here to find out about the R1T and Taycan's top speeds in the desert. Kyle takes the Taycan to 140 mph before it begins to back down. The R1T tops out at 115 mph.

If you're here for more than just top speed, be sure to check out the whole video. It's a ton of fun to watch, and it looks like it was even more fun to produce, though perhaps a bit scary, too. Once you've watched it, leave us a comment below.

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