If you're simply looking for a solid review of the all-new Rivian R1T electric pickup truck, this video nails it. Jehu Garcia is the proud owner of an R1T that he took delivery of just 10 days before he made this video. After putting over 1,000 miles on the electric truck, it's time to share his overall impressions.

We're starting to see more and more owner reviews of the R1T, and it seems they're all exceedingly positive. This comes as no surprise since most early owners of the Rivian electric truck have been following and supporting the company for some time. If they weren't happy with the final result, they probably wouldn't have followed through with taking delivery in the first place.

With that said, Jehu provides the usual "tour" of the R1T, paying particular attention to details he appreciates, such as the gear tunnel, cargo racks, adaptive air suspension, and large touch screens. He also spends a significant amount of time going through many of the features that are controlled via the infotainment screen, such as driving modes and cameras.

No real truck review would be complete without some driving impressions, so Jehu heads out onto the road to give us a taste of how the R1T performs. He admits that not only has he never owned an electric truck before but he's never owned any truck. Jehu does, however, own a Tesla, which is one of the reasons he became familiar with Rivian.

In order to get acquainted with the R1T, Jehu took it on a 1,000-mile road trip. If you've ever taken any vehicle on a long road trip, you're probably aware that it's a very good way to quickly decide whether you love the vehicle or hate it. After spending plenty of time behind the wheel of the R1T, Jehu says he believes it's one of the best vehicles he's ever driven. He even goes on to say that while he has some issues with his Tesla, the Rivian improves upon Tesla's weaknesses and offers a better overall experience.

On the flip side, Jehu is clear to share that the R1T has a few obvious flaws, which are likely due to it being an early production model. He points out issues with features like wireless phone charging, "phone as key," and delays to the automatic locking and unlocking systems. In addition, he already had a problem with the compressor for the air suspension overheating, and there's a light on the dash that says "brake," which appears to be a fault. Jehu also says that the R1T's "Autopilot" feature only works in select areas.

As is typically the case with these ownership reviews, there's a ton to take in and digest. So, we'll leave you to it. Check out the video and then head down to the comment section to share your takeaways.

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