The Rivian R1T is special for a number of reasons: It was the first fully electric pickup truck to arrive in the US, it's highly capable, and it has a host of unique features. Its only true rival right now is the hulking GMC Hummer EV, though several competitors will be coming to market, and at least one is coming very soon: the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Fully Charged Show finally got the opportunity to do a full video review of the Rivian R1T, and it used the situation as a chance to introduce its US correspondent, Ricky Roy. The channel explains that Roy lives in California, and his location and availability allow Fully Charged to cover US-based EVs without dealing with hours of flight time. Traveling among automotive reviewers was greatly reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemics, and many publications have learned that there may be a better way.

At any rate, Roy does a fine job reviewing the R1T over the course of an epic road trip, and we look forward to more of his in-depth coverage in the future. While there's a ton of detailed information in the video above, the overall premise comes down to what makes the R1T "special," as well as whether or not it will remain a top choice as rivals from Ford, GM, and Tesla arrive. 

While we've asked ourselves the same question, there may be a different way to look at it from a larger perspective. The R1T is highly capable, luxurious in an outdoorsy sort of way, and packed with features that you won't find on upcoming electric pickup trucks. However, in the end, it may not really come down to which electric truck is "the best," but rather, which is available (and affordable for the masses).

Gallery: Rivian R1T

It seems most automakers that are bringing EVs to market are selling everything they can produce. There are certainly exceptions, but today's EVs are hard to come by, reservations on an EV from a startup may require years of waiting to take delivery, dealers are marking up some of the most compelling EVs, and they're selling on the used market at a premium.

As you'll learn from watching the video (if you weren't already well aware), there's really no question about the R1T's worth. It's arguably a fantastic truck in almost every way, though many buyers simply can't afford it. Moreover, if you haven't yet placed an order, you may not get an R1T for a very long time.

Rivian has some unique opportunities here that come from being first to market. Time is on its side. It can work hard to ramp up production and crank out more trucks as other automakers are still waiting to launch their "Rivian killers." It can also prioritize getting its cheaper models to market ASAP.

There's almost no doubt Rivian will sell every R1T it can produce, and it will sell them even quicker if there are more affordable options. If the company can't/won't/doesn't make the ramp-up and affordability top priorities, it may not matter so much how "special" it is. If rivals become available that are easier to come by and easier on peoples' budgets, they may skip the R1T and choose a competing model.

With all of that said, Fully Charged provided the following topics and timestamps that correspond to the video above. Give it a watch and then let us know how special you think the R1T is. Will it remain a top choice among electric trucks into the future?

00:00 Meet our US presenter!
0:34 A VERY hyped truck
1:28 What's it like to drive?
2:47 A mini off-roading adventure
4:00 World's coolest key?
5:06 Storage and cabin space
5:52 Rear seats
7:33 Exterior design
8:35 Infotainment deep dive
10:15 Let's get frunky
11:13 A truck bed full of surprises
15:25 Efficiency & range
16:26 Aero design
18:08 It's still a truck!
19:08 How quiet is it?
19:46 Was it worth the wait?

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