The Rivian R1T is finally out on the roads after years of hype and anticipation. But how have Rivian owners found their vehicles thus far? Well one R1T Launch Edition owner, a friend of Out Of Spec Reviews host Kyle Connor, recently spoke about his experience.

Cameron first discussed the buying process, which he described as seamless. Customer service is great and very hands-on, more so than Tesla. Trade-ins are done online, with pricing being fair. 

He then mentioned the excellent build quality, describing it as super solid all round. The hardware is also great, with the infotainment screen being super responsive. It's so good in fact that Cameron even stated it was better than the infotainment in his Tesla. The R1T also has a dash in front of the driver, something Cameron's Model Y of course does not. Cameron finds the dash to be an important feature and noted that driving without one and having to look over to the centre screen is awkward.

The Rivian App's climate controls work great however there is no Dog Mode yet. The app is functional and well laid out - although not quite on par with the Tesla App. The R1T's route planning is good, with the range estimate being super accurate.

In summary the truck feels great. Its fantastically well built, especially considering Rivian are a new car company, and a super exciting vehicle overall.

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