After many years of waiting, The Kilowatts finally took delivery of their Rivian R1T Launch Edition. As we recently shared, Sandy Munro and his wife Sue also just took delivery of an R1T electric pickup truck. While it's great to see influencers and experts cover new and exciting electric vehicles, it's arguably even better when they get to own one.

While we're pretty confident we'll be seeing The Kilowatts' Rivian R1T often going forward, this first video is just a quick look at the delivery experience. They show up at the delivery center with the regular team of people, as well as the cameras. It seems they're planning to take the R1T to Yosemite in the near future.

The R1T Launch Edition cost $83,750. It's a quad-motor all-wheel-drive model with the long-range battery pack. As you can see, it's wearing Launch Green paint, and it also has 20-inch all-terrain wheels.

Even though The Kilowatts have checked out the R1T in the past, they still take advantage of the tour that Rivian provides during the delivery process. You can definitely tell the team is excited, and honestly, there are probably few people who wouldn't be. Rivian may be a struggling start-up automaker, which is to be expected, but there's no disputing the fact that it's also making history.

The delivery process goes off without a hitch, and it's really quite impressive. It just requires a quick signature, which is followed by accepting the delivery via the Rivian smartphone app. After setting up the app, they choose to skip the detailed UI training, but they do go over some other important interior details and features.

The Kilowatts' Ryan Levenson is obviously very gracious to the delivery expert, as is everyone at Rivian toward Ryan and his team. He says he used to work for Tesla, and he's very impressed with what Rivian is doing. He can only hope many more companies like Rivian and Tesla come along in the future.

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