If you're considering buying a Rivian R1T, you might want to start looking at the used market. This is especially true if you didn't yet reserve a new model – prices have gone up – or you're looking at a very long wait to take delivery. However, people are taking advantage of the demand for the electric pickup truck, so you're not likely to get a used model for a reasonable price.

This is the second pre-owned Rivian we've seen just this week, and we'll be honest to say we haven't been searching for one. Instead, others have tipped us off, or we've seen some mentions on social media. 

The used electric truck for sale on Craiglist is a "brand-new" Rivian R1T Launch Edition with only 35 miles on the odometer. It has the Adventure package and the large battery pack. The owner is honest to admit that they hoped to keep the electric pickup truck, though it's hard not to take advantage of the potential for making some money by selling it. The listing reads:

"Selling my Brand New Rivian R1T Launch Edition with the Adventure package and large battery pack. 35 miles on the Odometer. Was just delivered and though I want to keep it very much, I have seen a couple others sell for 150k and thats just too hard to pass up right now. If you have the money and dont want to wait 2 years, here is your chance to own one today."

The owner goes on to say that they'll be checking their email often, so you can simply reply to the listing and make an offer. The R1T will go to the person who makes the highest offer, though it's listed at $150,000. The owner also makes it clear that they won't sell it for an offer of less than $150,000, and if you offer less, you won't get a response.

It appears the truck is currently in Spokane, Washington. However, the owner has offered to deliver it for free within 250 miles, noting that perhaps a longer-distance delivery could be negotiated.

Do you think this owner will get $150,000 for the R1T? Will someone make a higher offer to try to make sure they get to take it home? We will tell you that there was a ton of interest in the pre-owned R1T we recently featured. In fact, it seems it already sold.

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