We found a barely used 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition for sale on the used market for "just" $209,800. Sure, that's a whole lot of money, but the car only has 26 miles on it, it's fully loaded, and it originally cost $169,000. Follow the duPont REGISTRY link at the bottom of the article to check out the pre-owned Air and many other cars.

As more compelling EVs come to market, people are placing reservations on multiple cars and SUVs in hopes that one may actually be delivered in a reasonable amount of time. However, unless you're one of the earliest reservation holders of a car like the Lucid Air, you're probably going to be waiting a very long time for your car.

While some might find it crazy to buy a "used" EV for over $200,000, people are taking advantage of these deals. We've seen both the Lucid Air and Rivian R1T selling for crazy high prices on the pre-owned market, but only because many people simply can't get a new one. Not to mention, Rivian has already raised its prices, and cheaper models aren't coming for years. Now, Lucid is also talking about raising prices due to "huge inflationary pressures."

The seller of this particular Lucid Air Dream Edition reminds buyers that the car is one of only 520 produced. It has more range than any production EV on the market today, and it's arguably the most luxurious and family-friendly super-luxury electric sedan to date.

Interested buyers may also consider a new Tesla Model S Plaid, though the cheapest option is about $140,000, and Tesla won't likely deliver it until sometime this summer. Another option would be the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which starts at just north of $100,000.

If you haven't yet reserved a brand-new Lucid Air, plan on waiting many months or longer to take delivery, as the waiting list is long, and Lucid is still in the early stages of ramping up production.

Would you pay over $200,000 to get your hands on a Lucid Air Dream Edition? Do you think someone will buy this electric performance sedan only to turn around and try to sell it for more? Will this situation become the new normal in the auto industry, or is it just temporary?

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