Today is an important day for Tesla and Gigafactory Texas as the Austin manufacturing facility has a big event scheduled in the afternoon. 

Named "Cyber Rodeo" by Tesla, the event is the grand opening of the plant and is likely to include the official launch of Model Y production in Texas. 

Given the event name and the fact the Cybertruck will also be made at the factory, it's reasonable to assume there are going to be some official updates regarding Tesla's long overdue pickup truck. 

Actually, people attending the event have a lot to look forward to given what drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer has discovered while flying his drone around the facility yesterday morning. Parked in an area of the factory were several covered and uncovered Teslas, including two Cybertrucks and a Semi. 

Up until now, Tesla has never shown more than one Cybertruck prototype in one place, so this is something exciting, especially if one of them is the initial prototype and the other is the production version, as that would allow people to see what has changed since November 2019. 


We can't tell if that's the case, but the two covered vehicles in the fifth row are clearly Cybertrucks; the truck's unmistakable shape is impossible to confuse for something else. Tesla has delayed the Cybertruck to 2023 and removed all specs, trims and pricing from its website, so an update would be much appreciated by reservation holders and investors.

The vehicles parked in front of the Cybertrucks appear to be Model Ys, likely the new version that will be made at Giga Texas with the new 4680 battery cell and structural battery pack design.

The other vehicles are a bit harder to identify. For example, the one under a gray cover looks extremely low and small; it could be the new Roadster or even the original model. The one in front of it is even harder to identify, even though many social media users comment that it's an all-new model; we're not so sure about that.

As for the big vehicle featuring a seat-themed cover, it may be the original Model X prototype given its lack of side mirrors. Hopefully all these vehicles will be uncovered later in the day, so stay tuned for updates.

Tesla's "Cyber Rodeo" bash starts at 4 pm local time and will end at midnight. Elon Musk has posted some updates on Twitter, including photos of the preparations. 

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