Tesla's brand-new Gigafactory near Berlin, Germany, just officially opened on March 22, 2022. As promised, during the event, CEO Elon Musk delivered the first 30 German-made Model Y crossover to customers. However, there have been questions surrounding when the US electric automaker will begin ramping up and delivering more Model Y's, and it appears it has already begun.

Based on footage from various drone operators, Tesla is already transporting Model Y crossovers away from the factory grounds to begin deliveries. According to an article by Teslarati, drone videographer Tobias Lindh captured footage of Model Y vehicles leaving Giga Berlin. You can watch Lindh's latest video at the top of the page. He told Teslarati that Model Y SUVs have officially been delivered in multiple countries, including Denmark, Italy, and the Netherlands. 

If the drone footage isn't enough to convince you that Tesla is now delivering more Model Y crossovers in Germany, or you have a different explanation for the electric SUVs on car carriers, there's more news to substantiate the situation. New Model Y owners in Germany and beyond are beginning to report that they've taken delivery of their Tesla vehicles.


Teslarati also points to Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg (@Gf4Tesla) on Twitter, since it has posted multiple images of the German-made Model Y deliveries underway in various European countries.


Several other posts are now popping up on social media related to Model Y deliveries from Giga Berlin. Twitter account BestInTESLA (@TeslaBest) posted the following tweet, which takes us to an informative video about the Made-in-Germany Tesla Model Y.


Check out the relatively short video below to learn more. Then, scroll down to the comment section and let us know your thoughts on this news.

What might the Tesla Model Y production and delivery ramp-up look like in Germany? Will Tesla struggle? How will the overall situation begin to evolve next week when Giga Austin officially opens as well? Will supply chain issues hinder Tesla significantly?

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