Not long ago, Kim from the YouTube channel It's Kim Java saw a Rivian R1T in the wild. She introduced herself to the owner and asked if she might be able to make a video with the electric pickup truck. While the situation could have been considered a bit weird, the owner had seen some of Kim's previous videos, so he knew of the channel and he agreed to the idea.

Just a few days later, Kim met up with R1T owner, John. He was very friendly and gracious enough to give her an extensive tour of the truck. There's definitely something to be said about the impressions you get from an actual new owner versus a professional reviewer or someone who's simply borrowing the truck for a short period of time.

John was one of the first people to take delivery of a Tesla Model S year ago, and he also bought an early Model 3. In addition, he's owned plenty of trucks over the years, including a Dodge Ram, Toyota Tacoma, and Ford F150 and F250. For these reasons, he provides a neat perspective. He can not only compare and contrast the R1T with Tesla's vehicles, but also provide details about how he feels about his first gas-free truck.

While John provides loads of information in the first half of the video, which you should certainly watch, we want to point your attention to the second half of the video. Kim gets to take the R1T for a drive. Scroll to around 17:45 in the video to check out the drive, which we feel is the most interesting part of the video. Watch Kim's reactions to driving the R1T is definitely worth your time, and printed words can't really do it justice.

Kim gets a chance to experience the R1T's regenerative braking, which is different from what she's experienced in Tesla's vehicles. It quickly brings the truck to a stop and puts it into hold mode automatically, as well as seamlessly. She also gets to do a few acceleration runs, and has to back off on the pedal since moving so quickly and instantly in a pickup truck is shocking.

As always, once you've had a chance to check out the video, please scroll down and leave us your comments. Are you a Rivian fan? Would you ever consider the R1T?

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