Our friend Ben Sullins finally got his hands on a Rivian R1T for review, and needless to say, he was very excited. Kyle Conner is also in the process of putting together loads of content about the truck. As more and more people finally get a chance to check out the R1T, the floodgates are beginning to open.

With so much material out there about the electric pickup truck, creators need to work hard to make their videos unique. Ben's recent material caught our attention for a few reasons. First of all, he started with a YouTube "short," which provides a quick look at the Rivian R1T's size compared to a Toyota Tacoma.

However, that's certainly not all. As you will learn when you watch the YouTube video at the top of the page, the clip above is just a little piece of Ben's Rivian review. He put together a full, detailed review of the electric truck, which he does with his family. The unique angle here relates to whether or not families really need something like the R1T.

Sure, the R1T is a truck, and it seems everyone in the US these days like trucks, and loads of folks are certain they need one. Many families own trucks that are highly capable when it comes to towing heavy loads and braving off-road trails. These trucks are often heavily optioned, quite luxurious, and pricey, to say the least. Meanwhile, many of those families probably aren't making full use of the truck's capabilities on a regular basis, if ever.

Ben notes that his family is definitely not out rock crawling, fording rivers and lakes, and doing ridiculous zero-to-60-mph runs at the drag strip, so why spend the big bucks on the Rivian R1T?

Sullins says after spending the weekend with the R1T, the best word he has to describe it is, "perfection." Moreover, he adds that while he and his wife often disagree about various aspects of the cars they drive and review, they see eye to eye when it comes to the Rivian.

If you're going to spend top dollar on a luxurious gas-powered pickup with capabilities you don't necessarily need, consider the Rivian R1T instead. It's arguably everything most families would ever need when it comes to a truck, minus the loud engine, smelly exhaust, and need for expensive gas or diesel.

Ben and Jennie say the R1T is the perfect size, the frunk and gear tunnel provide tons of space, and it has plenty of features that are perfect for families (and especially kids). The Sullins' do point out the lack of a bumper, the annoying sound of the turn signal chime, and not having Apple CarPlay as minor issues. However, they feel that any truck lover who hops into the Rivian R1T is almost sure to be impressed.

Ben and Jennie have loads to share about the R1T, and there's plenty of eye candy in the video. Check it out in its entirety and then leave us your takeaways in the comment section below.

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