Just yesterday, our own Tom Moloughney shared some breaking news with you. Rivian is launching new dual-motor configurations and smaller battery options. However, those EVs aren't coming until 2024, and they'll carry the same starting prices as Rivian's current lineup. Meanwhile, the original R1T that people reserved from Rivian is seeing a notable price increase.

According to the information provided to Tom, the Rivian R1T sees a ~17% price increase, effective immediately. The base price, which was previously at $67,500, now comes in around $78,975, at least temporarily. Moreover, the cost of some options, upgrades, and accessories increased as well.

The R1S three-row SUV sees an even larger starting price increase, which you can read about by checking out Tom's original article. We also loaded up an R1S to see how pricey it can get. Both related articles are linked at the bottom of this post

To be abundantly clear, there will eventually be a $67,500 Rivian R1T electric pickup truck, though it will be the new dual-motor option that's coming in a few years.

Gallery: Rivian R1T

So, what is the new maximum cost of a Rivian R1T?

We visited the brand's online configurator to find out. For starters, we chose the Adventure trim, which starts at $73,000. However, we had to add quad-motor all-wheel drive, since the dual-motor option isn't yet available. That bumped the price up by $6,000. 

Next, we had the option of the "Large" battery pack and the "Max" pack. Again, the standard pack isn't available with the quad-motor setup, and the dual-motor setup is unavailable. While the Large pack costs $6,000, the Max pack costs $16,000. We went with the Max since the goal here is to max out the R1T. As you can see below, all of the above puts our R1T at $95,000.


At this point, we had to scroll down and work through all of the options, including paint, wheels, tires, etc. The most expensive paint color options are $2,500. As for wheels and tires, there are two options that come in at $3,500. This put our price at $101,000.


We could go on and on here since there are additional screens and many more options. However, we'll quickly summarize for you. We chose the most expensive $2,000 interior, the camping packages (including the kitchen), every all-terrain package and add-on, all cargo mounts and accessories, and, of course, Rivian's Wall Charger. See below:


Our final estimated price came in at a whopping $121,690. Obviously, most people wouldn't ever spec the R1T this way. You likely don't need every option and accessory, and some may be redundant to a degree, depending on the others you choose. However, with the goal of configuring the most expensive R1T, here you have it.

Head down to the comment section and let us know what you think of Rivian's new plan. Is it going to cause many people to cancel their reservations?

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