Audi knows how to make a great wagon and if you needed more proof of that, check out this teaser (which we tried to enhance for maximum detail) foretelling the arrival of the load-lugging version of the A6 E-Tron. It will offer more practicality than the standard liftback, sure, but some will be drawn by its inexplicable Audi wagon allure.

The teaser hides most of the vehicle, but it does show the shape of the rear end in quite a lot of detail. We can see that it won’t be a squared off type of wagon, one that would maximize the available interior cargo room at the expense of style. This is instead a more fastback-like design, and we therefore don’t expect the difference in cargo volume between wagon and fastback to be massive.

Gallery: Audi A6 e-tron concept

Audi has not confirmed the A6 Avant for production, so far only mentioning it as a concept. We believe the concept could debut at the 2022 New York Auto Show that starts on April 15. Right now, all the automaker says about it (on the special web page dedicated to the A6 E-Tron) is that it is

Elegance for everyday use: With its latest study, Audi is showcasing an electric executive-class that boasts a range long enough for extended trips coupled with progressive lighting in distinctive design.

Performance and range should be almost identical to the regular model, so expect a range of over 435 miles (700 km), base rear-wheel drive versions with around 200 horsepower and a possible RS model at the top of the range. We don’t know how big a battery pack can be accommodated by the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture on which it’s built, but it should still have around 100 kWh to provide the rumored range.

The best thing about this teaser is that it doesn’t show another crossover or SUV, showing instead a body style that is closer to what Audi has been traditionally known for over the decades. We can’t say how excited we are to see the model fully unveiled, which should happen soon, since the A6 E-Tron liftback is expected to be shown this year; we just posted the first spy shots of that model.

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