The Tesla Model Y remains an increasingly popular choice for families looking to make the switch to electric. Hence YouTuber RSymons RSEV recently released a video on how his Y held up in its first 1100 miles of family usage. 

First he spoke about the things he didn't like. The ride is firm and uncomfortable on some British roads. Potholes and speed bumps can be particularly rough. The car was also not clean when he collected it, and the paint was partially damaged. The headlights are not as good and responsive as those of his ID.4, with the beams too high. There's also no lights for the handles - a feature often found in luxury cars today.

He then moved onto the positives. The Model Y is the perfect size for him and his family, meanwhile the driving position is excellent. The visibility is great and the white interior is very durable. Rear leg room is good too, with plenty of space for four adults overall. The boot / trunk is best in-class, with plenty of room. The frunk also offers plenty of storage space and is deeper than in the Model 3. Inside he can fit a decent amount of stuff in the center console too (check out the video to see just how much).

The Model Y has BioDefense mode as standard, which RSymons noted works well when driving through polluted areas or behind trucks. The app works brilliantly, meanwhile the car's software is excellent all-round.

In terms of real-world range, he manages between 240 - 280 miles. It's important to note he has a Model Y Long Range, not a Performance. He does however have the larger 20" Induction Wheels which are less efficient than the 19" alloys that come as standard.

RSymons concluded that the Model Y was, for him at least, pretty close to being the all-round perfect family EV. Practical, efficient and with great tech, its a hard package to beat.

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