Rave reviews of the Lucid Air have been pouring in ever since the model was launched, and it’s not hard to see why it woos people so easily. It’s the combination of classic-feeling traditional luxury and modern, cutting edge electric car tech makes it a real vehicle of the times, one that has convinced people to support an all-new manufacturer with no track record.

The Air would have been considered a good effort even if it came from a mainstream manufacturer, but since this one is built by a company with no prior experience, we can’t help but be impressed. And we’re obviously not alone in singing the Air’s praises and now Hagerty’s Jason Cammisa confirms our positive impression with what has to be the most eye-catching Air video review to date.

Even if Lucid is a brand new car manufacturer, the high level execution of the Air is not an accident - it is the work of experienced industry experts starting with the company’s CEO, Peter Rawlinson, a US-based British engineer whose previous experience was as Vice President of Vehicle Engineering and Chief Engineer for the Tesla Model S.

In fact, Rawlinson has done this before. For Tesla, he was the one who personally interviewed each new member of the engineering team that would ultimately create the Model S, and now for Lucid he pretty much did the same, only now he did it from a much higher managerial position.

His goals for the creation of the Air were to blend sports car handling with luxury car levels of comfort, while at the same time making sure the vehicle delivered in what is still probably the most important area for an EV - range. Our own Tom Moloughney managed to squeeze 500 miles on one charge from a Lucid while driving it at a constant 70 mph, making it the single longest range EV that we’ve ever tested; watch the video below.

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