Volkswagen has so far only shown two versions of the new ID Buzz, both based on the short wheelbase chassis. One is the five-seater passenger version, while the other is the ID Buzz Cargo that can take two EU pallets side by side; neither of these will be sold in the United States, but there are three (possibly four) additional variants planned, two of which will make it to the US.

First, Europe will get an ID Buzz Pure version, with the smaller 58 kWh battery pack, and possibly a lower-powered motor, the 147 horsepower (110 kW / 150 PS) unit. Its claimed range would be around the 200-mile (322 km) mark, but it the real world it would dip below that value, especially driven on the highway at higher speeds. This will be the cheapest version, the entry point into the Buzz range.

The model that Volkswagen revealed now is the ID Buzz Pro, with the 201 horsepower rear motor and the 77 kWh battery pack. It rides on the short wheelbase chassis and provides 1,100 liters (38.8 cubic-feet) of space in the trunk with all seats still in place.

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For the US market, Volkswagen will launch a long wheelbase ID Buzz that will have either seven- or eight-seater configurations, as well as the possibility to opt for a larger 111 kWh battery pack. This will be the longest range version, but also the biggest and heaviest Buzz, so even if it will travel further on one charge, it won’t be as efficient, quick or maneuverable as the short wheelbase Buzz sold in Europe.

There will also be a California camper version of the long Buzz, which is expected to be really popular based on the fact that the similar version based on the ICE Caravelle is finding buyers quite easily. This variant is expected to go on sale in 2025, one of the last models to join the range.

Finally, there is a strong chance there will also be a VW ID Buzz GTX, with all-wheel drive, two motors and a combined power output of over 300 horsepower. This model doesn’t make sense to many people right now - a hot version of a van/people carrier - but frankly it isn’t any more ridiculous than the high-powered sporty SUVs that are proving extremely popular today.

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