Tesla Model 3 owner Robbie Herrara was driving on highway 4 in Concord, California. Traffic ahead was coming quickly to a full stop. It was definitely the recipe for a dangerous pileup. 

Thankfully, Robbie was able to bring his Model 3 to a safe stop, even leaving a bit of room between the Tesla and the leading car. However, sadly, it appears the driver of a Dodge minivan wasn't paying attention and had no intention of stopping. At the last minute, the minivan driver swerved and locked up the brakes before rear-ending Robbie's Model 3 at highway speed.

The Model 3 spun out from the collision and proceeded to hit the Hyundai in front of it and the Prius to its left. The Tesla finally rolled into the highway barrier. Fortunately, everyone involved in the various collisions was able to walk away, which is a testament to the safety of today's cars. However, Robbie's Model 3 was torn up really badly, and he ended up having to be taken to the hospital to have some of his injuries checked out.

While Robbie was waiting for an ambulance to arrive, he was able to show the police the TeslaCam footage of the incident. He's now dealing with the insurance claim, and his Tesla Model 3 is considered a total loss. Robbie says he plans to replace his Model 3 with another Tesla once everything is settled. He's choosing to buy another Tesla because, in his opinion, his Model 3 saved his life. Considering the condition of the car as shown in the video, Robbie is definitely very lucky.

As is always the case with these addictive video compilations from Wham Baam Teslacam, there are many more Teslcam stories in the video above. In fact, the channel says the video has 20 other unseen Tesla clips to enjoy. Once you've watched them, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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