Not long ago, we shared Toni Ezero's recent Detroit Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta video with you. He was testing FSD Beta Version 10.10.2 around downtown Detroit, Michigan. The car's technology seemed confused, but Toni initially blamed it on the snow. While some folks called him out, saying it was "unfair" to test in the snow, he promised another video featuring the same FSD Beta version once the snow melted.

Avid Tesla fans claimed Toni was well aware that FSD Beta isn't designed to work in the snow, so he shouldn't have published the video. However, we disagree. If a system is going to work for all people, it will need to be able to deal with snow, and we want to see the progress.

We have snow in Michigan all the time, and it's a struggle, so it comes as no surprise the technology had a tough time. That said, these videos keep us updated on Tesla's progress, and hopefully, we'll be able to look back at that snow video in the future and see notable improvements.

At any rate, Toni took to the streets of Detroit once again. This time, he spent nearly 40 minutes tackling some of the same roadways and tough spots. The only major difference was the weather. Toni writes:

"Hey guys! Toni from Detroit Tesla here. Appreciate you sharing my video from a week ago. Here is another video from downtown that showcases issues even on solid ground. No snow, ice and temp was about 40 degrees."

As it turns out, it looks like many of the issues Toni pointed out in the snowy video are still present on the dry roads. Perhaps it wasn't the snow confusing FSD Beta and causing so many disengagements? It will be interesting to see the comments on this video. We appreciate that Toni provided the follow-up to appease the skeptics. What will they say this time around?

Check out the video and compare it to Detroit Tesla's previous videos above. Then, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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