One of our "go-to" Rivian R1T YouTube influencers, TEDActuallyTalks, put together a short video highlighting the electric pickup truck's winter weather performance. More specifically, he demonstrates how the R1T handles in fresh snow while exploring the vehicle's various drive modes.

We know that the Rivian R1T is a highly capable off-road warrior with ridiculous acceleration, loads of instant low-end torque, and impressive traction. However, we haven't seen a whole lot of footage of the electric truck dealing with fresh snow. While TED admits that he wishes the snow would have been deeper, it's a good amount of snow for a first test of the R1T's capabilities and drive modes.

For those unaware, the Rivian R1T offers several different drive modes. In fact, we recently shared an official video from Rivian that showcases the R1T's quad-motor powertrain and all eight of its driving modes. The modes include Sport, Off-Road Drift, All Purpose, Off-Road Auto, Off-Road Rock Crawl, Off-Road Rally, Conserve, and Towing.

While some of the various mode names sort of speak for themselves, some aren't so obvious. If you haven't explored the R1T's drive modes, we suggest checking out the related article and video linked below to learn more.

That said, TED focuses specifically on All Purpose mode and Off-Road Drift mode. All Purpose mode is what R1T drivers should typically use for regular daily driving on pavement. It features Standard ride height, Soft ride quality, Standard brake regen, and stability control On. 

Meanwhile, although Off-Road Drift mode keeps the suspension at the Standard 11.9-inch height, it features Stiff ride quality, High brake regen, and stability control Off. The setting is intended to be used for high-speed driving on dirt, as well as drifting.

How do you think the Rivian R1T fares in the snow using the two different drive modes? Will TED observe and demonstrate notable differences? Check out the video to see how it all plays out. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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