The Rivian R1T’s quad-motor powertrain gives the electric pickup increased maneuverability over various terrains, a fact that’s best highlighted by the truck's factory-fit Drive Modes.

Rivian has released a new video that showcases each of the eight drive modes available on the R1T—four for the road and four for when the road ends. While we get to see the R1T's behavior in each of the drive modes, we also get detailed information about the settings corresponding to each drive mode.

The video starts with the Rivian R1T driving fast on a track in Sport mode—not what you'd usually expect from a pickup truck. Still, the vehicle in the video is an 835-hp, quad motor R1T, so why not? 

In this mode, the ride height is at 10.5 inches (Low), the air suspension is at its stiffest (Stiff), the electronic stability control system's reach is Reduced, and brake regen is on Standard. Obviously, torque is applied to all four wheels. The results are spectacular as we see the R1T rip through the track with tires squealing while performing four-wheel drifts. 

The Rivian R1T then shifts into Off-Road Drift mode, which raises the suspension to the Standard setting at 11.9 inches while maintaining its Stiff setting, turns stability control off completely, and moves brake regen to High. This enables the R1T to do some baja-style, high-speed runs on a dirt track, complete with plenty of drifts. 

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The video then showcases the All Purpose mode, which is what drivers would normally use when driving on paved roads. This mode has the ride height in Standard, ride quality in Soft, brake regen in Standard, and stability control On. 

In Off-Road Auto, the ride height is on High (13.5 in), ride quality on Soft, brake regen on Standard, and stability control On. This mode is for off-road outings, with the video showing the R1T handle dirt roads and climb mountain trails.

For more difficult terrain, Off-Road Rock Crawl shifts ride quality to Stiff for rock crawling and brake regen to High for hill descents. Meanwhile, stability control remains On and ride height stays on High. This is the R1T’s most extreme off-road mode.

Off-Road Rally lowers the ride height to Standard and stability control to Reduced to enable faster speeds over rough terrain. The ride quality and brake regen remain on Stiff and High, respectively.

The video then showcases Conserve mode, which as its name suggests is meant to preserve battery charge. This mode shifts the ride height to the Lowest setting (9.9 in), the ride quality to Soft, and stability control to On; brake regen remains on High. Unlike all the other modes, torque is distributed to the front wheels only.

Finally, the self-explanatory Towing mode has the ride height in Standard and ride quality in Stiff, while brake regen remains on High and stability control On. Torque is applied to all four wheels to ensure superior traction.

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