Chrysler's parent company, Stellantis, is recalling 19,808 Pacifica Hybrid minivans due to a potential fire risk. Only 2017-18 models are affected, with the recall coming after an internal investigation found 12 fires occurred with Pacifica Hybrids in those model years. All of those 12 fires happened when the vehicles were parked and turned off, with 8 of them charging as well.  

Fortunately Stellantis is not aware of any injuries or accidents as a result of the fires, but they are urging all owners not to charge their Pacificas and to park them far away from other vehicles or structures. The automaker does however believe it's still safe to drive the Pacifica Hybrid using its combustion engine. The recall consists of 16,741 vehicles in the United States, 2,317 in Canada and 750 outside North America.

Stellantis is not the first automaker to be plagued by battery fire issues, General Motors has had similar problems with the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. Production for both is suspended until at least the end of February with GM's Lake Orion Assembly plant in Michigan having not reached full-scale Bolt production since August 2021. Back in November the plant partially reopened for just two weeks to make support cars for customers and dealers before closing again on November 15. It has remained shutdown since. 

Both the Pacifica Hybrid and Bolt EV / EUV use the same battery supplier, LG Chem. The South Korean firm issued the following statement in response to the Pacifica fires: 

“There is no confirmed root cause of fires in the STLA vehicles that is subject to the recall, or proof directly linking to the battery, as mentioned in its statement. Considering STLA’s statement, LGES has no further comment.”

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