Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry recently spent some time doing his typical Tesla factory analysis, and he's incredibly bullish about the electric automaker's outlook regarding production, shipping, and deliveries in Q1 2022.

Chowdhry went so far as to say Tesla's momentum is "extremely solid" for the quarter. He also noted that he expects Tesla's numbers to exceed those posted in Q4 2021, which would likely come as a huge surprise to many people.

For those unaware, Tesla typically has stronger quarters as the year moves on, with the fourth quarter being the big push to the end. This means, when Q1 deliveries are announced each year, and they're much lower than the fourth quarter they follow, there's always talk about the demand for Tesla's vehicles falling off a cliff.

It's not uncommon for any automaker to post impressive sales for Q4 and then follow them up with a drop for Q1. If Tesla is able to prove that it can produce and deliver just as many vehicles early this year as it did at the end of last year, it will be impressive, though delivering more in Q1 2022 than Q4 2021 may almost seem like an anomaly. In addition, if Tesla's Q1 2022 really turns out to be so strong, it can only suggest that the year as a whole could be huge for the electric automaker as well.

After his recent factory checks, Chowdry said that delivery activity is much stronger than it was in Q4 2021. Remember, Elon Musk noted ahead of Q4 that it was time for Tesla to chill out and not work so hard to ensure that all cars were delivered by the end of the year, though the company went on to post record-breaking numbers anyhow. 

According to Teslarati, Chowdry re-confirmed a $1,500 target and an overweight rating for Tesla's shares after noting that Model S Plaid deliveries could rise by some 15 percent for Q1 2022, which means Tesla will be able to take better advantage of the Plaid's high margins.

Chowdry isn't the only one taking notice of Tesla's Q1 2022 efforts. We've already learned that production and deliveries out of China are expected to be outstanding. And, while Musk did admit that the global chip shortage is still causing concern, Tesla is still guiding for 50 percent delivery growth on the year.

It was also shared during Tesla's recent Q4 2021 and Full Year Earnings Conference Call that the 50 percent growth would be possible with just the two factories that are currently open: Fremont and Shanghai. That said, Tesla is opening two new factories in the near future, which should also help drive production and delivery numbers up significantly.

It's time to place your bets. How many vehicles will Tesla deliver in Q1 2022? What's your forecast for Tesla's total production and deliveries for 2022 as a whole? Leave us your estimates in the comment section below.

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