Shooting a car review on a high-altitude mountain road in winter sounds like a great idea, until you get stranded in a blizzard after staying longer than you should have. It actually happens more frequently than you might think, but it usually results in the video not actually getting made - not so in this case, though.

Rory Reid from AutoTrader says that when they were planning the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo review shoot, which they wanted to do on a famed mountain road in Germany, he didn’t pay too much attention to the weather forecast. It announced that the weather would not necessarily be suitable for filming, but they apparently didn’t give it much thought, or they willingly ignored it hoping the unexpected would make their video even better.

The result? Well, we get to see the Taycan Sport Turismo, in its most powerful Turbo S guise, going sideways around snowy hairpins, as well as performing what has to be the single slowest launch control start we’ve ever seen. Oh, and at one point in the video, they actually get stuck and the road is completely covered in snow.

This is deemed a great moment to show off the car’s interior... with snow quickly building around the vehicle. They actually used the SOS button to call the local German emergency services, which eventually showed up along with a snow plough and everybody was freed.

Rory really loved the Sport Turismo, although he admits that it may not have been the most suitable spot to experience it, particularly its dynamic abilities. However, just like the other two Taycan variants, this one is still remarkably good, even when it is taken outside its comfort zone (the tarmac).

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