Chargeway recently announced that its EV charging app is now available on Apple CarPlay for iOS users in North America. The helpful app has a Trip Planner that Chargeway says "seamlessly passes information from mobile to car." In addition, you'll be able to see Chargeway's unique and simple colors and numbers related to charging options for your EV right on your car's touch screen.

For those unaware, Chargeway offers an app that has helped many electric car owners track down "electric fuel" using their iPhones. Now that the app is available on CarPlay, it will be safe, easy, and convenient to use on the road. 

Chargeway uses intuitive color-coded visuals to help EV owners better understand "electric fuel." Company founder Matt Teske explains:

“You simply open the app and choose your EV, Chargeway determines what kind of plug your EV has, but instead of engineering terms like ‘CHAdeMO’ or ‘J1772’, you get ‘Blue’ or ‘Green’, for example. The map then displays only the color-coded chargers that your vehicle can use, so you’ll never pull up to the wrong kind of charger. Each station pin then displays a number from 1-7 for power. The higher the number, the faster your car charges. It makes navigating the complex world of EV charging easier for everyone.”

According to publications, such as Car and Driver and NADA, the Chargeway app is a game-changer, and we agree. Our own Kyle Conner has been putting together a four-part video series showcasing the company and its app, and we've been truly impressed with its capabilities and ease of use. In addition to the app, Chargeway is also working with automotive dealerships to streamline the EV sales process.

Chargeway has had a number of requests to make its app available on Apple CarPlay, and now the idea has become a reality.

Gallery: Chargeway On Apple CarPlay

Chargeway explains that the CarPlay app has new visuals for its station map. It also provides detailed information about each charging station, as well as a new star-rating feature. 

The app's trip planning feature goes so far as to let drivers choose temperature and driving speed. Teske shares:

“Experienced EV drivers know EVs have a different range at 90 degrees than they do at 30 degrees, or at different speeds. Our app doesn’t rely on guesses. Enter in the temperature you’ll be driving in, and what cruising speed you’re planning, and Chargeway does the math to figure out what kind of range you’ll really have on your trip.”

For more information about Chargeway, visit the source link below. And, in the meantime, check out the new app on Apple CarPlay.

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