A Tesla Model 3 was recorded driving into a pole in downtown San Jose in what could be the first FSD accident caught on video. It's important to note Tesla doesn't take any responsibility with the FSD Beta with drivers being chosen carefully through a "safety test score". 

The driver had installed Tesla's latest software update, Full Self Driving Beta 10.10, prior to his crash. The incident occurred when he was going around a corner, with his car seemingly not recognizing a pole separating the cycle lane from the main road. His Model 3 then hit said pole, causing minor damage to the front bumper. 

Although only a small accident with no injuries whatsoever, it does show Tesla has quite a bit to go before FSD can be readily available to the general public. This point is further backed up by other evidence in the video, such as the Model 3 running a red light and driving into a tram lane.

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