Those who have had the chance to drive a Ford Mustang Mach-E GT on the road know it is a punchy and fun vehicle to drive. It really feels quick and it engages the driver more than some rivals, but it seems that when you take it on track, it just doesn’t deliver, at least according to this owner’s experience.

RevMatchTV took his own Mach-E GT to the Willow Springs racing circuit to do a few laps, but the vehicle refused to give full power and he says he just didn’t experience the acceleration he was expecting from it. On the track’s long straight, the Mach-E GT struggled to crack 100 mph (160.9 km/h) and its owner says if constantly felt like it was cutting power.

He reached the track with 67 percent in the battery, which he had previously fast-charged up to 80 percent and then he needed to charge it again after a few laps. Even after the second round of charging, the vehicle still didn’t seem to deliver all the power it was supposed to offer, even though it was in Unbridled Extended mode, which is the vehicle’s most aggressive setting.

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The owner says that in the track session shown in the video, he only really got one good maximum performance lap in before the vehicle began to noticeably cut power. This is most likely related to the battery and drivetrain thermal management that most likely limited power to cool things down.

Others have driven the Mach-E GT hard on track for multiple laps before and reported no major power cuts, although it’s not an uncommon occurrence if you drive one of these vehicles really hard. It is also a known fact that Ford has set the Mach-E up to cut power as drastically as is needed in order to keep temperatures down and prevent further thermal throttling.

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