The plug-in hybrid version of the new Range Rover is now available to order for those in the US, with prices starting at $104,900. As is often the case, US pricing is amongst the lowest globally - those in Europe will have to pay significantly more.

The latest iteration of the Range Rover PHEV manages 48 miles of all-electric range (EPA estimate), significantly more than its predecessor. The P440e is powered by a six-cylinder petrol engine mated with a 38 kWh battery pack. The total power output is 434 bhp, meanwhile, 0-60 mph takes just 6 seconds.

Currently, the P440e is only available in SE trim in the US. While $104,900 may seem reasonable when compared with other markets, once you start adding options things get expensive very quickly. For instance, the below example we specced came in at $135,350.

Gallery: Range Rover PHEV Build

The Range Rover lineup will be joined by a fully electric version in 2024. It will be the first all-electric Land Rover product, with each model across the range set to have a pure electric option by the end of the decade.

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