Yesterday, January 17, 2022, at around noon, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to a tweet to say that the brand's Full Self-Driving Beta Version 10.9 would begin rolling out later this week. Not long after, we noticed some jokes and memes on Twitter about Musk and his crazy timelines.

The tweet thread started by Whole Mars was in reference to the recent full-page ad in the New Tork Times. For those unaware, a competitor in the automated driving space is going after Tesla and its FSD Beta program.


After Whole Mars got Musk's attention, he asked the CEO when Giga Texas will be opening, along with a personal request for Musk to send him FSD Beta 10.9. Musk replied that the software update would be going out later in the week. However, he ignored the question about the Texas factory.


The reason for the jokes and memes on Twitter came because after Musk said 10.9 would roll out "later this week," it started rolling out. Musk has a reputation for being way too optimistic in many cases, such as saying something is coming in two weeks but it really takes months. In fact, some of Tesla's highly anticipated products have been in the pipeline for years.

That said, the CEO loves to sandbag when he has the opportunity. The Model Y arrived way ahead of schedule, and Tesla was already making 4680 battery cells in-house after it revealed on its Battery Day that the tech would not arrive right away. Many Tesla fans and owners can only hope the Tesla Cybertruck comes to market early rather than being delayed again. However, with Musk, it's virtually impossible to know exactly what might happen.

At any rate, Tesla's FSD Beta release notes were shared a few days ago, since employees get the update ahead of others in the beta fleet. Then, yesterday at around 7:00 PM, James Locke tweeted the release notes and published a few videos of FSD Beta Version 10.9 – software update 2021.44.30.10 – in action.


Check out James Lockes' FSD Beta 10.9 test loop videos below. Once you've had a chance to watch, let us know your takeaways.

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