The Rivian R1T is not only one of the first electric trucks to enter production, but it’s also one of the most unique. Unlike the established automakers whose approach has so far been to launch an electric version of an existing pickup, Rivan had a clean slate to work with and it shows.

The fledgling manufacturer (which built just over 1,000 vehicles last year) has a proprietary skateboard platform that allowed it to maximize use of space in the vehicle, offering several storage options that you would not get in a traditional pickup. It may be a pretty conservative shape (especially compared to the radical models like the Tesla Cybertruck, and even the GMC Hummer EV), but many features actually work in an unusual often quirky way.

TFL spent around 45 minutes walking around the R1T in this live video and they go through pretty much all it has to offer. They go through everything from how the charging port flap opens (which is a bit like a Koenigsegg’s door) to interior, the infotainment, the tires, which are off-road-oriented but also EV-specific, and more.

No driving is done in the video, though, this is just a static presentation, and as cool as it may be, the best part of the R1T is how it drives, particularly off-road. If you want to see some driving action, check out our own first drive video review posted below - it was shot at the official launch venue and it features our own Tom Moloughney who driving it on the very tricky off-road course that Rivian chose for the event (in order to highlight the truck's breadth of abilities).

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