Ford is arguably one of a few promising brands to pay attention to when it comes to the future of electric vehicles. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a true Tesla rival, and it seems Ford is selling every electric crossover it can produce. That said, it comes as no surprise the Blue Oval is having much success with its EV in Michigan.

Tesla has been successfully dominating the EV space for some time. However, if you look at where the brand has had the most success over the years, it's in states like California, as well as countries like Norway. Sure, that has changed over time, but you still won't see nearly as many Tesla vehicles in states like Michigan as you will in areas where EV adoption is surging.

According to data from Experian, which was shared by Automotive News, Ford is getting a big boost in EV sales from its loyal followers in Michigan. The publication writes:

"In the first 10 months of 2021, Ford registered 1,235 Mustang Mach-E crossovers in Michigan, or about 21 percent of all EVs registered in the state during that time, according to data from Experian."

While 1,200 electric cars may not seem like a lot, primarily due to a lack of overall EV adoption in Michigan, 21 percent of the EV market is super impressive. Michigan is the home of Ford's largest number of EV registrations, and you'd better bet the trend will likely continue as Ford brings the all-electric F-150 Lightning to market.

Automotive News lists the top five states for Ford's EV registrations (based on Experian's data), and how they compare to Tesla's:

1. Michigan

Ford: 20.8%
Tesla: 43.5%

2. North Dakota

Ford: 14.4%
Tesla: 64.9%

3. Maine

Ford: 12.4%
Tesla: 28.1%

4. South Dakota

Ford: 12%
Tesla: 69.6%

5. Wisconsin

Ford: 10.5%
Tesla: 58.3%

The Detroit area is still grounded in its history. C'mon, we're talking about the home of the Big Three. A state that has worked very hard to make it illegal for Tesla to even sell its vehicles within. Times are changing, but many people in Michigan are still loyal to the car companies they've supported their entire lives.

Nonetheless, Tesla is still the leader, accounting for some 69% of the total EV registrations in the US for the first 10 months of 2021. Meanwhile, Ford sits at 5.4%, which is quite impressive for a company that's just getting serious about EVs and only has one compelling option available at the present.

As Ford surges forward with its EV future, it may be able to chip away at Tesla's lead, and the state of Michigan will likely remain key. Executive director of insights at Edmunds Jessica Caldwell shared:

"People are quick to crown Tesla the king of the EVs, but it feels like it's so early in this race to call it. A lot of these buyers are more early adopters, so if something else cool comes along, I could see them abandoning Tesla and going for whatever the new, cool, shiny object is."

Ford CEO Jim Farley recently told Automotive News that the brand hopes to rise up as the second-largest electric vehicle maker in the US over the next two years, with a goal of producing 600,000 EVs annually.

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