Automakers are known for finding unusual ways of poking fun at each other, especially manufacturers that actually appreciate their rivals (secretly, of course). The back and forth exchange of jokes between BMW and Mercedes-Benz is well documented, but a new one may have been started by GMC because of a design choice it made for the Hummer EV.

Granted, it’s a very small and not really significant design choice, being for one of the many icons that you can find in the Hummer EV’s infotainment. This particular function is labeled “Lights” but it actually shows what is very clearly the Hummer driving on top of a Tesla Cybertruck, using the latter’s wedge shape as a ramp.

GMC Hummer Tesla Cybertruck Easter Egg

What’s strange about this choice is that it doesn’t actually seem to have anything to do with any lighting functions. It may be a mistake - this icon could be designed for another function - but GM’s designers undoubtedly wanted to portray a Hummer driving onto a Cybertruck. We’re pretty sure this was not done in bad spirits, though, because as previously stated, this is usually a form of admiration thinly veiled as rivalry.

It wouldn’t be the first time GM chose Tesla to prove some kind of point - back when the Chevrolet Bolt EV was just about to be launched, GM published a photo of prototypes passing in front of Tesla’s Palo Alto, California headquarters. And the story didn’t end there because when the time came to officially launch the electric Bolt, Chevrolet opted to do it at the dealership that was close to the Tesla HQ.

We hope it’s not the last time we hear about this Cybertuck-used-as-a-ramp icon. We would at least like to hear the official explanation behind its creation and use, although there is a chance that may never happen.

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