The New York Police Department is thinking about adding up to 250 Tesla Model 3s to their fleet. The matter is set to be discussed at a hearing in the coming days, and if it goes through it will see the NYPD spend some $12.4 million on Model 3s. 

The department will reportedly buy 250 Model 3s at a fixed price of $51,940 per car. Given Model 3 prices currently range from $44,990 to $58,990 perhaps a number of versions will be bought. The mid-level Long Range starts at $50,990 and could be the most popular Model 3 variant for the NYPD given its good range and solid performance.

The NYPD currently has over 9,000 cars in operation but no EVs. They do however have a range of hybrids such as the Toyota Prius, Ford Escape Hybrid and Chevrolet Volt. Although in the grand scheme of things the addition of 250 Model 3s may not sound like a lot, it shows EVs are gradually beginning to come on the radar of the public sector. 

Meanwhile, in the UK a report recently found the Model 3 to be a competent police car. After trialing several Model 3s for a number of months, British officers were seriously impressed by their Teslas. Maintenance issues were minimal, meanwhile range was more than adequate for general police duty. 

Back in the US, the Westport Police Department in Connecticut found their Model 3 saved them $6,000 per annum in comparison with an ICE Ford Explorer SUV. Equally, the City Of Fremont Police Department found their Model S “met or exceeded expectations often demonstrating superior performance when compared to gas-powered police vehicles.”

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