Ride hailing will continue to grow in popularity and make traditional taxi cabs obsolete (30+ million ride hailing drivers around the world), so there will be increased demand for vehicles specifically designed for this purpose. Arrival is trying to get in on that market with a new hatchback/minivan that it designed with input from Uber (as well as Uber drivers).

Arrival says it already has a prototype up and running and that it intends to begin testing it in 2022. From a design standpoint, the Arrival Car is a tall, boxy minivan that somehow manages to look cool rather than awkward, even though its proportions could be associated with those of the Fiat Multipla, a vehicle not known for its aesthetic qualities.

Another Multipla-esque design feature are the expansive windows that together with the almost full-length panoramic glass roof really make the cabin feel airy and pleasant to travel aboard of. This was clearly a priority and it is clearly reflected in the vehicle’s shape and design details.

Gallery: Arrival Car Prototype

But even though the testing process will begin in 2022, Arrival has not announced when it plans to launch the Car, although it will most likely be before 2025. The official press release doesn’t contain any technical data about it, although the company does quote Jamie Heywood, Regional General Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe at Uber, who said

The first reveal of the Arrival Car is an exciting moment for Uber drivers, who are switching to electric vehicles at a much faster rate than the mass market. Uber drivers have been working with Arrival to provide feedback on the design of the first purpose built, fully electric car for the ride-hailing industry. This exciting new vehicle will support our commitment for all cars on the app in London to be fully electric by 2025, helping to drive a green recovery and clean up urban transport.

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