This raw video, recorded at the Ford F-150 Lightning's demo event and shared by the Internet Brands Auto Group, gives us glimpses of how fast the all-electric pickup really is.

It starts at about 15:00 with the view from the preceding vehicle, while at 16:23 we can see the view from the cabin.

We must admit that it's quite impressive. The comment in the video also says that the ride was like a roller coaster - fast, smooth with great handling.

Ford F-150 Lightning (source: Internet Brands Auto Group)
Ford F-150 Lightning (source: Internet Brands Auto Group)

According to the specs, the Ford F-150 Lightning will be available in two all-wheel drive versions: with a Standard-Range and Extended-Range battery.

The first one will have a peak system output of 318 kW (426 hp) and 1,050 Nm (775 lb.-ft.) of torque, while the second up to 420 kW (563 hp) and 1,050 Nm (775 lb.-ft.) of torque.

We guess that the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive system, combined with the low center of gravity (thanks to the battery pack within the vehicle frame) will make the F-150 Lightning the quickest and best handling F-150 ever.

As in the case of other EVs, the performance will be available on demand, while calm driving will return outstanding efficiency (at least for a big truck).

It's actually quite amazing that Ford has managed to prepare an electric vehicle that will excel in driving, efficiency, cargo capacity (front trunk) and add new features like power export (including vehicle-to-home) and software that estimate the towing and hauling influence on the range.

The order book is expected to be opened "soon", which might be this month or in early 2022, as the manufacturer promises series production and customer deliveries from Spring 2022.

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