It's not uncommon for someone to order a Tesla and then push the delivery date back every time it draws near. This has become especially true as delivery estimates on Tesla's website now extend to October 2022, nearly a year from now.

People placing an order for a Tesla may figure they're going to be waiting a long time to take delivery, so it makes sense to get into the queue. However, they may not necessarily be ready to buy a Tesla. Perhaps they're getting their finances sorted out, they have another car to sell first, or they're just not 100-percent sure about going electric.

Whatever the reason, recent reports now suggest that Tesla is working to push buyers forward with those delayed deliveries. In fact, Tesla has sent out an email to folks who have been delaying their delivery for an extended period of time. 

According to an article published by Electrek, Tesla is asking people to take delivery within a certain window, or their reservation will be canceled. This reportedly applies to order-holders who have delayed their Tesla delivery of over six months. The email reads via Electrek:

"Hi [Buyer’s name],

We are contacting you to offer you a final opportunity to take delivery of your [car on order] placed on [date of the order].

When we contacted you in [last delivery attempt], you requested that we delay canceling your order because you still planned to purchase the vehicle. However, our records indicate that you have not taken delivery.

We sincerely hope you will choose to proceed with your order and join Tesla in accelerating the transition to sustainable energy, but we are unable to hold your order any longer if you don’t take action.

To proceed with your delivery, sign in to your Tesla Account and select ‘I’m Ready’ to remove this hold by December 2, 2021.

If your order remains on hold on December 2, 2021, or if your order is placed on hold again, your order will be automatically canceled and your order deposit fully refunded. We appreciate your understanding, and we hope that you will order a Tesla when the time is right for you.

Best Regards,
The Tesla Team"

Apparently, Tesla's original order agreement already notes that buyers must be ready to take delivery within 30 days of their car being available. However, Electrek says there are potentially thousands of people in the US who have been holding out on their Tesla delivery.

Currently, Tesla will just offer the car to someone else in the queue and allow the reservation holder to keep "floating" the order. However, with the end of the year drawing near, crazy demand issues, and the opening of two upcoming factories, it's probably wise for Tesla to begin to shore up some loose ends.

Keep in mind, if a Tesla buyer cancels their reservation, they'll likely have to pay a higher if they decide to place a new order. However, there's a chance they'll get to take advantage of a new US federal EV tax credit.

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