Two brand new Tesla Model Y were spotted at the Tesla Giga Berlin in Grünheide near Berlin, in the recent flyover video (November 20), shared by Tobias Lindh.

One on the nearby test track was fully covered, while the second was parked not far away without any cover. It has no license plates. A total of three cars were seen a few days ago rolling out of the plant.

The open question is whether those are really pre-production cars from the Giga Berlin plant or just some test vehicles from other plants? We guess that those are pre-production cars from Giga Berlin.

The black unit appears to be a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version (see the sign in the rear). That would suggest that maybe the Long Range AWD/Performance versions will be the first that will enter production. It would be reasonable, as the entry-level RWD version - with CATL's LFP batteries - would continue to be imported from China.

The new version, with Long Range, AWD, new megacasting (front and rear) as well as structural battery and 4680-type cylindrical cells, potentially would be the new top-of-the-line version.

Give us a sign in comments as to what you think about those Made-in-Germany (MIG) Model Y.


The cars were seen also on November 21 in flybrandenburg's report:

"Todays building progress of the Giga Berlin. Some Model Ys which rolled out the factory this week are parked near the test track. And there is good progress at the battery factory! First roof sheets are in place."

Anyway, the Tesla Giga Berlin plant still awaits the final permit approval  before it will be able to start series production of customer cars. It might happen before the end of this year or in early 2022.

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