Mercedes-Benz is no longer the third most popular luxury/premium brand in the U.S. as Tesla outgrew it and now heads towards first place in the segment.

According to the car registration data from Experian (via Automotive News), Tesla noted 230,855 new registrations in the first nine months of the year, which is 76% more than a year earlier.

At the current advantage of the growth rates over other brands, Tesla might soon become #1:

  • BMW - 259,237 (up 36%)
  • Lexus - 245,864 (up 33%)
  • Tesla - 230,855 (up 76%)
  • Mercedes-Benz - 213,708
  • Audi - 170,092
  • Acura - 130,703
  • Cadillac - 104,146

It would be a remarkable achievement to become the best-selling premium brand in the U.S., although we assume that many consumers will not count Tesla as a classic luxury brand.

With Tesla's successful solution to chip shortages and new plants in the pipeline, the established OEMs probably do not have any chance at keeping up the pace.

Overall BEV sales

According to the article, the total all-electric car registrations in California during the January-September period amounted to 118,287 (up 82% year-over-year), which is also 35% of the total in the country.

It would mean that the total U.S. electric car registrations increased by some 44,000 in September to roughly 338,000 (compared to 293,218 YTD through August). Tesla's share in BEV category increased to about 68%.

While California is the top market for BEVs in the U.S., Texas - the new home for Tesla's HQ - holds just 6% share (20,000 through September). Tesla has doubled its sales in the state year-over-year to 14,778 registrations. Noteworthy is that Texas does not allow to sell cars directly, which significantly affects the company.

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