BMW has chosen not to develop an entire lineup of parallel electric models like its rivals from Mercedes-Benz, opting instead for a range of pure-electric versions of ICE models it already sells or plans to introduce in the near future. Its range-topping electric sedan will be a BEV version of the next 7 Series, which will probably end up being called the i7.

Now a new report on the i7 says it will have a three electric motor setup that could produce up to 750 horsepower (or less, as per some older reports). Auto Motor und Sport says the three electric motors will be from the i4 M and they may also be used in the M version of the upcoming i5 (BEV version of the next-gen 5 Series) - the source says there will be M versions for most new i-badged BMWs, but the manufacturer will keep ICE M cars in production too.

And just like the i7, which will be the most potent and quickest 7 Series variant, the i5 M will be the most powerful version of the next-gen 5 Series, the G60, expected to debut in 2023. The latter will not be a BMW with polarizing design, though, as early spy photos show a normal-sized grille and a fairly conventional overall look to the vehicle (unlike the larger 7 Series whose front end is expected to polarize opinions).

The i5 will come in several power variants, with single-, dual- and tri-motor setups, with the latter being reserved for the aforementioned i5 M, if it materializes since its existence is currently just a rumor. BMW will still offer a gas-burning M5 alongside, although there’s a strong chance even that will be electrified in some way to lower its fuel consumption and emissions.

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