Ford recently unveiled its $3,900 Eluminator crate motor for electric vehicle conversions. It currently only sells the motor, with no other major components (controllers, cooling or battery pack), but according to a Blue Oval official, the first batch of Eluminator motors has already sold out.

Ford Authority says it learned of the news in a recent interview with Mark Wilson, North American director of Ford Accessories. He said that while motors from the first batch are no longer available for order, the company will make as many as it has to in order to meet demand.

The manufacturer will add more pieces of the complete electric powertrain in the future, but for now only the motor is on offer. The Eluminator debuted inside a heavily modified and resto-modded 1978 Ford F-100 pickup that had two motors and it borrowed heavily from the Mustang Mach-E, which is especially obvious inside the one-off demonstrator.

Gallery: 1978 Ford F-100 Eluminator Concept

The F-100 Eluminator has a combined power output of 480 horsepower and 634 pound-feet (860 Nm) of torque and it has been heavily beefed up and modified in order to cope with the extra power and all-wheel drive. Each motor makes 281 horsepower and 317 pound-feet (430 Nm).

Ford is also keen to point out just how compact the motor is, weighing 205 pounds (93 kg), measuring just 22 inches in length. The box you get when you order one includes the HV motor to traction inverter harness, LV harness/connector and the vent tube assembly. The motor has a fixed gear ratio of 9.05:1, it spins to a maximum 13,800 rpm and it is manufactured in Mexico.

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