Lucid Motors today has announced that customer deliveries for the Dream Edition, the launch versions of Lucid Air, will begin this Saturday, October 30th. 

We also learned that the limited-run Dream Edition will feature a 118 kWh battery pack instead of the 112 kWh pack (we were initially told it was 113 kWh) that Lucid had previously announced. Evidently, the Dream Edition will have 6 more kWh than the Grand Touring version, but this is the first time Lucid has explained that.

We suspected this when we did an in-depth efficiency comparison of the different Air models, and I personally asked Lucid's CEO Peter Rawlinson to explain it to me when I was at the Air first-drive event a few weeks ago. However, Rawlinson just smiled and said yes, there is a slight difference in battery packs, but wouldn't go into any details. Along with today's customer delivery announcement, the automaker has officially declared the small difference in battery packs.

  Dream Edition Performance

Dream Edition


Grand Touring
Battery Pack: Total Capacity 118 kWh 118 kWh 112 kWh


19" Wheels

21" Wheels


471 miles

451 miles


520 miles

481 miles


516 miles

469 miles


19" Wheels

21" Wheels


4.0 mi/kWh

3.8 mi/kWh


4.4 mi/kWh

4.0 mi/kWh


4.6 mi/kWh

4.1 mi/kWh

Drivetrain Layout Dual motor, AWD Dual motor, AWD Dual motor, AWD
Power (combined) 1,111 hp 933 hp 800 hp
Torque (combined) 1,025 lb-ft. 1,025 lb-ft. 885 lb-ft.
1/4 mile time 9.67 sec @ 149.87 mph 10.24 sec @ 132.90 mph 10.7 sec @ 127.56 mph
Top Speed 168 mph 168 mph 168 mph
Curb Weight:
19” Wheels
21” Wheels


5,203 lbs
5,236 lbs


5,203 lbs
5,236 lbs


5,203 lbs
5,236 lbs

As part of Lucid's "Dream Delivery Program", Dream Edition customers will experience the Lucid Rally, hosted by members of the company's leadership team on a route that showcases the vehicle’s ride, handling, and performance capabilities.

“Creating the Lucid Air has truly been a labor of love, with customer deliveries representing the culmination of years of endeavor from the entire Lucid team,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Group. “So I’m truly excited to hand the keys to our first dear customers and accompany them on an inaugural drive through the iconic California countryside.”


Lucid recently sent out a Tweet showing six wrapped vehicles on a car carrier with only the hashtag #DreamAhead. Therefore, we expected this announcement would follow soon thereafter. Additionally, at the first drive event, we were told that customer deliveries would begin in October but with the month quickly closing out, we were beginning to wonder if they would miss the self-imposed deadline. Evidently, they will not. 

Lucid plans to deliver 520 customer-configured Lucid Air Dream Editions ($169,000 before incentives). However, we don't know the breakdown between Performance and Range versions. The company will then start deliveries of the Lucid Air Grand Touring ($139,000).

Customer deliveries for the Air Touring ($95,000) as well as the base model called the Air Pure ($77,400), are anticipated to begin later in 2022.

We're happy to see Lucid finally getting to the finish line. It hasn't been an easy go for the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer, but it appears as though they will indeed deliver cars to customers. That's a goal that many automobile startups never see accomplished. 

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