Tesla is renowned for continuing to improve their cars via software updates long after customers have taken delivery of them. The firm effectively started the trend of doing so, with a number of other manufacturers now also offering OTA (Over-The-Air) software updates on their latest vehicles. That said, few others do OTA updates quite as frequently as Tesla.

A new iOS update for the Tesla App suggests several new / improved features are on the way. The main one is undoubtedly the ability to view footage from several of your Tesla’s cameras as well as dashcam live-streaming.

Improvements and new features for the Boombox are also on the way. According to Tesla tracker group Teslascope (who analyzed the app’s source code following the update)  you will also be able to speak to the car directly via your mobile phone and even be able to project your voice outside your Tesla thanks to the vehicle’s PWS (Pedestrian Warning System).

On top of the above, expect various other new features to come via the mobile app over the coming months. One major one could be for non-Tesla owners looking to access the Tesla Supercharger Network, with Musk stating this could potentially be done all through the Tesla App.

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