Avid Tesla fan and outspoken investor Sawyer Merritt posted images on Twitter showing what appears to be the first Tesla Megacharger being installed at the company's Nevada Gigafactory. Merritt tends to get access to Tesla information from insiders on a regular basis, and his track record for accuracy has been pretty spot-on in many cases.

While it comes as no surprise Tesla is deploying its first Megacharger, and it's also no shock that it will be located at the Tesla Gigafactory, it's still interesting to learn that the automaker is moving forward with the project. As Tesla works to test the electric Semi, it only makes sense that it would need the appropriate charging infrastructure. It's assumed the infrastructure itself would need to undergo plenty of testing as well.


As you can see from the tweet above, Merritt also adds the information that Tesla may be using the upcoming Megacharger for testing Tesla Semis on the route between Sparks, Nevada, and the Tesla Fremont factory. However, there's no reason Tesla couldn't also include its upcoming Austin Gigafactory in the testing route, too.

Tesla announced the upcoming Semi Megachargers back in 2017. The company claimed they'll be able to add some 400 miles of range in 30 minutes, which would be very advantageous for Semi drivers and fleets.

Merritt also shared some other photos of the same site in August. This way, it's easy to see Tesla's progress on the project:


How can we be so sure these are Megachargers? Well, Tesla is quite secretive about projects like this. By this we mean it doesn't necessarily try to hide them, but it also doesn't typically make announcements when such efforts are underway. However, if you look at the Megachargers in the image above, you can see that they're set up to accommodate a very long vehicle.

We also know Tesla has an area on the Gigafactory grounds that it will use to produce electric Semis, at least early on. According to Electrek, Tesla finished a drive-axle production line earlier in the summer, and it also reportedly started debugging the assembly line.

Tesla says its first Semi deliveries won't begin until sometime next year, due in part to a lack of enough battery cells. However, Electrek says to expect more pre-production Semis sooner rather than later.

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